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Nancy Cathcart - School Counselor

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Hi!  I am Nancy Cathcart.  
This is my 19th year in Education and 15th year here at Clarkesville Elementary School
as the elementary school counselor.  
I graduated in 1991 from Clemson University
with a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education in Social Sciences .
 I received my Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling
as well as an Elementary Education certificate
from Clemson University in 1993.
Children are precious people!
Each one is beautifully and wonderfully made!
It is my goal to help the children realize how special they truly are!

Mission Statement
The school counselor’s mission is to provide every student access to a certified professional school counselor; to provide opportunities to acquire the academic, career, personal, and social competencies within a comprehensive and developmental counseling program; and to promote quality learning and lifelong success.

Belief Statements
*All students have dignity, worth, and the right to a safe and nurturing environment which supports and enhances student achievement.
*All students will be provided with a school Guidance and Counseling program that will be consistent with expected developmental stages and differences in learning styles.
*All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial differences, and special needs are considered in planning and implementing the school-wide Guidance and Counseling program.

Ways I support students at Clarkesville Elementary School
*My favorite way to support children is through classroom guidance lessons.  The topic(s) for each lesson is based upon the standards outlined by the American School Counselors Association National Model.  The lesson usually begins with me reading a wonderful children’s book that lends itself to discussion.  Through discussion, the children learn necessary life skills to help them to hopefully be successful in the classroom as well as in life.  Usually the lesson also involves an activity, craft, or video that will further enhance the learning of the life skill.   
*Another way I support the children is through individual counseling.  Children, who need a caring adult with whom to talk about issues that are affecting them academically, socially, or personally, are provided a safe and nurturing place to talk with me.  Much of the individual counseling process involves the counselor being a good listener and helping the child to find ways to positively solve or cope with the issue.
*Group counseling is also a way that I use to support the children academically, personally and socially.
*I also offer support to parents/guardians through parent conferences and through referrals to outside agencies when necessary.